Sunday, September 30, 2007

Alcohol overdose

Well, not really as much as the title exaggerated.

But lately, phew, I really drank a lot. *A comparison to my past-self, not to the alcoholics.

1 year ago, I'll only have a few sips of red wine. Besides my father 'surveillance', I didn't really enjoy drinking too. It tastes bad.

Well, as I am in Melbourne - a city which drinking and party all night - now, I should have a grasp of their culture. Become more expose to drinking, and become more sociable. what an excuse :P

Hmm... so, my journey started here~


I couldn't remember what's the brand of the first beer I drank. Hopefully this is the right one. But I do remember I was drinking with Weiyuen and Jack W in Weiyuen's house. We drained the bottle. Cheers for Weiyuen's birthday!

The second experience was a hard core one.

It was post production party for TAILS. We had a 'pre-drink session' before we get into the club. Sounds so drunken right? Yea, and THANKS to Jack and Sean for giving me those so-called mild shots of vodka. I drank 4 pure shots. Okok... some people might say, "only 4 shots? Shame on you!" But I'm only a new drinker okay......

I was not too drunk. A bit dizzy. A bit too loud. A bit high. A bit repetitive ('Cool, calm, rational' developed here. Hmm... according to my friend's calculation, I've said the line for 24 times).

But this was the point where I started to appreciate drinking. It's not about the taste. It's about the feel~~~ The hyper, that makes you enjoy yourself to the full.

After that, I started to 'feel like drinking' randomly. Thanks for Nat and Chandra. You guys contributed this.

During the holidays, it became worse. Drinking in ppp of Wild Orchids. Drinking in Chandra's house. Drinking in post production camp. Drinking in TSA cocktail party. Walau... although it's only kacang putih for experts and accustomed ppl out there... I think I should give my livers a break.

hehe... but I still have to admit that... drinking with close friends is FUN

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sudden Dinner

It was all out of sudden.

1, felt bored for no reason.

2, surprisingly received chandra's instant message.

3, without long thought, I went to her house.

4, Suddenly all of us decided to have dinner at her house.

5, camped in her house again.

Unplanned moments are the best ones.

Starting Point

It serves three purporses:
1. Sharpen my English - since my previous blogposts are all in Chinese
2. Train my will power - since 'maintenance' and 'regularity' are always out of my dictionary
3. Place the non-cool,calm,rational-self