Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tick Tock Tick Tock

Yep. Counting down now.

Waiting for Friday to come, and there ends my training period.


Yea, I don't like the job lar.

My friend told me a way to best determine whether the job suits me or not.

If you had the syndromes below, maybe you should consider switching your career path. I have it all:

1. When you wake up in the morning, you are soooooo reluctant to wake up. Instead, you'll grumble: 'Why is this another working day?'

2. The temptation of applying a fake-mc leave appears occasionally. (I've actually done it once :P)

3. You are impatiently dealing with the heavy traffic and blame the stupid work for that. (I still complain despite I'm not the driver, you can see how influential is the evil working life)

4. The first thing you do when you reach the office can be anything except work. (eg: have breakfast, boil water, go to toilet etc)

5. You keep looking at your watch or cellphone or monitor to check how many hours left to 5.30pm.

6. You are browsing randomly on the internet. (Or blogging like what I am doing now?)

7. You are counting when is the next public holiday.

8. and the list goes on.

Okay... after all these rambling, it's 12.30pm! It's lunch time!


Tuesday, January 15, 2008


OMG!!! Saw this on youtube. I MUST share it.

yea yea... I know some of you might start to say...

aiya... u always stef sun oni lar...

aiya... she's ur idol ma... of cos u say she's good lar...

aiya... u r bias de lar...

aiya, I admit that I'm sometimes bias lar :s

But... but... but... she's really good mar!

+ David Tao, FUIYO!!! Minyak telinga pun keluar leh~ they very canggih 1 okay!

Monday, January 14, 2008


尽情表现 接受掌声

近距相处 推心置腹

折衣观剧 促膝长谈

最平静 最自然 最放松 的时刻





他终究是个 自我为中心 不擅(愿)与人相处的





是要阔 还是不阔

Wednesday, January 9, 2008



一个人的晚餐 无聊寂寞
三个人可以 给你勇气

因为有你 染上新的幽默(新的幽默)
也因为有你 世界变得轻松(变得轻松)
我们呢 属于 非常难得
所以尽情 大声 唱歌
分享 每一 分钟

就算有风 吹不走我们感动(吹不走我们的感动)

爬到云端 我陪你继续做梦(爬到云端 我陪你做梦)
你值得 交换我


有时候对一个人 那么用心
却还是搞不清楚 他的逻辑
装没事 装忘记 装相信

有时候和一个人 那么尽力
却还是忍不住想 保护自己
留防备 留回忆 留心情


让我释放 然后慢慢宽广



Goodbye 2007 3

It's 9 Jan 2008 and I'm still evaluating my 2007, this really shows how much I procrastinate. :P

Stage play has been the biggest part of my life in 2007. Biggest as in it involved not merely the performance. It gave me excitement in dull routine; It shaped my social circle; It permeated my life with new ideas and experience.

Most importantly, I found the passion, once I got it from debate, that I've long lost.

CTG's 'HE AIN'T HEAVY, HE'S MY FATHER' was like an abecedarium for me. I've never involved in any play before this. I really have to thank Tandi for teaching me the ABCs of a play. On the stage, the body has to face the audiences by at least 45 degrees, voice projection needs to be big enough to reach every corner of the theatre, magnification of everything is an essential element, etc etc.

That was also the very first time the foundation on my face was six inch thick... Oops... sorry, get used to 'magnification' dy~

CMG's 'TAILS' was a totally different experience from what I had in CTG. I got to sing! With orchestra and band! Sorry for the sound pollution larrr... but I can't help cos I love singing tooooo much *thick face*

The opening of the orchestra - violins quavering our soul and clarinets inebriating the air - has pyrographed in my heart. Oh yea, and a charming conductor - Russell! (Perhaps he's charming only at tt moment :P)

It was also a play where people from all walks of life integrated. We had musicians, architects, doctors, businessmen, lawyers, artists, scientists, media practitioners, psychologists, engineers, (-to-bes) and so on. The ways these distinct people deal with things and each other were enough to teach plenty lessons.

Nonetheless, the most precious thing I've got from CMG is a bunch of PIGGY-DOGGY-PALS (猪朋狗友). Err... sorry ar weichi, the guy in the bottom left corner has taken ur seat XD. Oops, km n ta weren't there too :(

Midnight Production's 'WILD ORCHIDS' was the most meaningful production that I've done.

It was not just about acquiring my own satisfaction in acting. It was about a community. A community which is always marginalised, forgot, and discriminated.

It was a tale about the soul that was trapped in the wrong body, about the girl who was knotted by her own desire and her family's desire, and about the people around these people.

The whole production was initiated by a group of lesbians and they wanted to tell a story about Asian lesbians. They wanted the world to listen to them. I'm honoured that I had a chance to help them passing the message to the public.

It has somehow taught me to be more accepting. Although I didn't discriminate gays and lesbians, I tended to see them differently. In fact, they are just normal human like us and ought to be treated normally. The rosy glasses used to judge them need to be taken off.

Haih... next year will be a busy year for me. Hopefully Wild Orchids is not my last play~

Saturday, January 5, 2008



Goodbye 2007 2

I've learnt to appreciate studies.

I think it was the very first time I enjoyed my academic life. I was not studying because a good student is supposed to be like that. I was not studying to entertain my parents. I was not studying to prove that debate didn't ruin my 'primary responsibility as a student'. I was neither studying to secure my future.

I was studying because I felt the satisfaction - satisfaction of gaining knowledge.

I know it is pretty lame and late for a 20/21 years old young adult to realise that. Oh well... I'm lousy lar~~

I haven't escaped from the conventional thought that I have to score well in exam though. Or maybe I shouldn't escape from that. :P

Haih... Studies in Melbourne have simultaneously given me lots of hurdles. A bit too challenging sometimes. There was once I could barely passed the subject. Phew... Luckily I always perform kindness... Buddha, Jesus, Allah all love me lah~~Kyakyakyaa...

My course put me into another maze. Which career path should I get into? Media or international development?

Think about it.

Goodbye 2007

I was once stucked at the bottleneck.

Despite my horizontally expanding body size XD, I managed to struggle out from the bottle.

I went into a different dimension.

Different ambience, different colors, different scent, different melodies, different touch.

I'm glad that I've made the right decision (it's costly though :P)

It's a move. Not necessarily a move forward, but at least I moved.

I can still remember the first day I stepped on the soil of Australia. With a neccessities-filled baggage and a passport, I walked down the arrival hall, met with the van driver from student services, checked in my apartment, opened a bank account, walked around the university and the city, and etc etc.

All alone.

People around had been asking me, 'why didn't you get someone along? I'm sure you've couple of friends who are studying in Melbourne.'

But that's the point. You know? That's the point.

I was longing for something new. Totally new. I wanted nothing similar to what I had in Msia.

Nah, I wasn't in the lurch while I was in Msia. I didn't face any major setback that made me feel like running away. Everything was fine and smooth that my life could be described as a plain sailing.

Yea, PLAIN. Maybe this was the reason.

I was bored. I had too much of debate. I couldn't see much growth in myself through my studies in Taylor's. I was limited to the same social circle. My daily life was, unproductively, loaded with soap operas and humdrum outings.

It was a vacuity of taste, emotions, and mind.

After few months of hibernation, I should restart. Although the hardware couldn't be improved (aiya, I'm plump and short foreva de lar), I should at least look for some programming experts to enhance my software.

Hence I arrived in Melbourne.