Tuesday, March 31, 2009

TADA Radio

In the past few weeks, time slot for KITSCH has been sacrificed for replaced by this:

I am TADA!

So KITSCH's readers, when there's a lack of updates in this blog, you can find me there. :P

It's a multilingual (mandarin, canto, and english) podcast center.

More visitors = more sponsors = more $$ = we can expand the business!!

Support support yea! ------>

Oh yea, if you've any comments or just finding somewhere to spam, kindly visit our forum. ^^


Monday, March 30, 2009

Free Verse

No metrical system. No rules. Kind of hard for Asians like us who're used to obey rules. XD

Line breaks are the defining feature of this form of poetry. It does not break according to conventional punctuations. Instead, it breaks if there's a hesitation of thought, or to double the meaning of the word, or to further emphasize the word, or plainly for the sake of the visual on the page. Weird huh? But fascinating.

Here goes my first free verse:)

TV was playing Hong Kong
drama. The living room always had
kids, aunties, and gossips.
The lead actor, in tuxedo,
slapped his mom. Tears rolled
out of orbit. Aunty Lina
sat silent and still.
Silent and still,
her boy left last week.
and still, she did not ring
him. Silent and
still, he did not tell
where he's gone.

It's bulletin
time. Didn't matter
to her, how many relatives came.
Celebration of birthday;
Invitation to wedding ceremony;
Delivery of
baby. Where has he gone? In the cradle,
he slept silent and still.
Silent and still,
thumb leaned on lips cosily.
and still, she stayed awake
looking at the gem of
love. Silent and
still, he did not tell
where he's gone.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

1st Poetry Attempt

Call me BOLD & BRAVE! I enrolled in 'Poetry' as one of my last semester subjects. Something I have no idea even if it's in mandarin.

We had a tutorial about Sonnet. So we spent 15 minutes on writing our own Sonnet - the 14 lines alien - and here goes mine:

Mr. Christ walked into the tunnel
Cats' scratches, dogs' barks, that's all I heard
He screamed, he cried, he wept, he startled
Out from the dark hole wiping his bloody beard

In his eyes, there's no fear
Pulling the tails all along the rail
In his eyes, there's no gentle
Kicking the bodies to unblock his trail

Tripped over a stone, he knelt down
Shall he get back to the picturesque town
Picking pebbles from the ground
Playfully lifting his sister's gown

Never be lied you are sealed off danger
Tunnel-trained Mr. Satan is the true ranger