Tuesday, January 27, 2009

虾皮 牛耳!!!


在此送上马来西亚寰宇电视(ASTRO)的当家花旦萧慧敏主演的新年MV - 《庆祝》!首担MV女主角,她即迅速获得了影后的衔头,前途不可限量!


Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Radio 3

It has been a long time since the 'room' last updated. The current playlist has no specific theme. It's just some random songs that I've been listening for N times recently.

1. Bye Bye Mariah Carey
Introduced by Lyssa.
A note to those who have lost their love ones:
'Lift ya head to the sky, we will never say bye.'

2. 写给自己的歌 黄义达
The cuti-cuti guys love this song. Wonder why.
Maybe it's emo enough for the currently-single guys (Derek excluded) while encouraging enough for them to be a man? XD
我一个人走 一个人看透 一个人受
路我自己选择 我一个人走

3. 最幸福的事 梁文音
Listen to her voice and look at the video. It tells all.

4. 属于 梁静茹
Ok ok... I know lots of ppl are crazy over this song. Esp when it comes in a bundle with the drama 《幸福的抉择》. Nah... I haven't seen the drama as the pace is too SLOOOWWW for me.
Anyway, my friend has been asking
The answer is in the song too.
May you be blessed with happiness.

5. 没有如果 梁静茹
Despite the copyright debate, I like this song!
Fish is exploring her voice.
如果我说 爱我没有如果
错过就过 你是不是会难过
如果我说 爱我没有如果
真的爱我 就放手一搏
还想什么 还怕什么

Hope you'll like it.=)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Art of Hugging

Hug of friends is like saying 'take care buddy'

Hug of gf is like saying 'Can't live without you'

Hug of parents is 'Don't worry about me. I'm a man now.'

Quoted from a friend in msn.

I'll try fulfilling my promise. :)

A Delayed Response

Nah, neither could I.

I was talking to mien in the car on the 5th hour of year 2009, about how impossible it is to live those years again. Then I looked back to my posts in 2007 and 2008. Again, they kept rambling about how hard to believe. To believe again.

Yea, I have equated the courage to believe with the recur to past. False maths.

Believe is something I, or maybe us, (still) strongly hold, just that it takes a different process. 5 years ago, we drew an overly definite line between things to believe and things not to believe. For eg, statement comes out from org. A can be trusted while those from org. B must be doubted. Or, people and thoughts that support our ideology are great whereas those against are shit. (hah, maybe ideology is too grand a word used but I can't find a better one to describe our near-extremism.)

The line was scrapped off all of sudden. We were all adrift, struggling to grasp a buoy in the sea. 'How to judge' is a question we asked most as our initial judgement scheme lost its credit.

We have found ours isn't? We analyse before we believe. We are ready to challenge what used to be right and rethink what used to be wrong. We have our values and we know which to hold and which can be given second thoughts. We know we can't give in all but we'll try giving the enough amount. We are heading towards the balance between rationality and sensibility. Or maybe, these are all yet to be achieved. They might not be the right path, but they're the chosen path.

We've never changed in believing. We changed the way of believing. So, keep it up my friend.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009