Sunday, March 23, 2008


Being eliminated from a competition that you've strived hard must be a bitter experience.

At least, to me, it was a real letdown.

I was surprised that after years, when the distasteful lost was mentioned again, my emotion was moved by it.

Well, maybe it was the first time I spent all my effort yet the goal was not realised.

Given the dismay, it has been quite difficult to light up the blaze of passion and courage for the second time.

I still have them with me, but with slight limitations. No longer at the expense of everything.

Some will argue that it is a symbol of growth. Different consequences are considered and various conditions are balanced in decision making. It is a growth in rationality. No longer at the expense of everything.

This doesn't seem relevant to me.

The fact is, I was eliminated from a competition. And now, I am eliminated from an arena that only accept regretless and infinite impartation.

Monday, March 10, 2008


Hopefully it is a breakthrough for Malaysia. Or it is already one?

Barisan Nasional has lost the 2/3 advantage in parliament, first time ever, on 8th March 2008.

This means that they need the opposition's consent to make constitutional changes. They can't dominate the decision making process as what they did last time.

This also means that Malaysian citizens desperately require a change. A change in corrupted government. A change in racial politics.

There is, however, another concern.

Will the opposition opposes everything? Without considering the actual consequences of the policies or issues raised?

Will opposition, similarly, trapped in the racial-centric thinking?

Hopefully not.

Please, do what's good for the people. Not the party.

If you don't perform well, you'll lose people's confidence. See what happened to Taiwan's DPP.

Power relation becomes more balance. Two-party system like Britain? Too early and too optimistic to talk about that perhaps. Yet no doubt it is a step forward to democracy that we've never achieved in the past 50 years.

BN, work hard to win back our votes!

DAP and PKR, make full use of our votes!

PAS, don't use Islamic Law lah!

Good luck Malaysia!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Apologize to All

Yi Hui has been really busy recently.

Orientation; members gathering; new accommodation; Committee interviews; Piles of coursework.

This blog has been abandoned for... erm... 2 weeks?

I might be back this week. Errr... I WILL.

Happy Birthday to Lyssa who always bully me.

Happy Wedding to the prettiest bride, Thien Lee.