Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Computer is lagging

Assignment is urging

Books are waiting

Friends are nagging 


I am still slacking

Monday, October 29, 2007

Should be smarter

Yea... the so-called 'smart and acute' person has been bluffed by the 'introvert and evil' transportation cum tea manager.

I'll take revenge soon... XD

Friday, October 26, 2007


My Spend since 10/10/07    $128.95

Cap Usage $29 (100 mins Free 3 to 3 + $120) + Usage above your Cap $99.95

Had a few enlightening conversations with my friends. It's worth it!

In Conclusion...

It has come to an end, I think.

I have done my best to explain and she has done her best to digest.

Frankly speaking, I have thought of CBB.

I'm able to live on my own.

As many of them put it, I'm a 'cold' person.

Why should I trouble myself with all these sort of things?

My conscience said no to me, I guess.

I would not, and should not, dissapoint a friend that ranks me on the top of her list.

I would not, and should not, hurt a friend that gives me her 100% trust without the 20 secs hug.

I've taken the last solution despite the reluctance I had.

She has become more mature to understand that friendship doesn't work that way.

Yea, I think we are alright now.

Thanks to all whom gave her advice and comfort.

Thanks to all whom listened to my ramblings.

Monday, October 22, 2007








Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Different personalities.

Different expectations.

Given the fact that I'm a selfish person, it wouldn't be solved.


Monday, October 15, 2007

My friend

I might have not known the whole story.

I might have not understood her thoroughly.

But I strongly believe that she's virtuous.

Potlucks Overdose 2

The second one wasn't justified. It was just FUN.

No time to write. Let the photos tell the story.

20:40 People are still normal

20:45 Dinner time

Ken's cabbage pork roll - YUM YUM

Weiyuen n Weichi's Bulgogi Wrap - Slurrrp

Nat's Salted Pork - It really tastes good with rice!

Jack's pizza... 没有诚意:(

My Choc Biscuit - see-weet see-weet lar

22:30 People started to get crazy

4 Girls who are still decent. Nat not included.

26 a pek acting cute, again

Mentally retarded

Sean! Dance! Dance!

It's Ken's Geisha time!

Nat's pole dance. Hey, sexier pls!

00:00 People were drunk

Erm... Sheryl, are you alright?

Damien, you're too young for alcohol.

Not decent anymore.

02:00 These are sooooooo wrong!

Ken, were you taking advantage on Damien?

As usual

Chandra, I was just returning your licks~ I'll remember that you said I'm dry. Hmphhh...

03:30 Crazy night ended.

Hey, pls refresh my memory bout our phone conversation.  

Potlucks Overdose 1

Haha... It seems that i'm abusing the word 'overdose'.

2 potlucks in 1 week. Crazy people. 

The first one was justified by Jingharn's birthday. All of us contributed to her surprise party.

Being the curry girl, Sheryl had performed the most popular dish of the night - curry chicken.

Ken had made Jingharn the most special birthday cake - sushi cake. It was damn delicious. Perhaps Jingharn would never get to blow candles on sushi in the future.  

Chandra cooked 'shou-mian' (寿面). She said this dish is a necessity during birthday. So that the birthday girl lives longer? I should name you GRANDMA CHANDRA.

Not to forget Natasha's secret recipe - brocolli n grape salad. As weird as her. It was yummy though :)

Weiyuen and Weichi's bread formed the perfect combination with the curry.

Sean made the dish that ran out the fastest - chinese dumplings. Erm... but I heard they were made by your housemate instead of you wor... :P

Jack W's Bak Kut Teh was heavily 'ingrediented'.  It really satisfied my urge for Malaysian food. Oh yea, this is the most notable part of this dish: Buddy and I successfully bluffed Chandra that the herbal soup consists of pig's penis. Chandra hence gave all her food to Nat. After she knew it was a lie, she took everything back from Nat again. Fool Chandra and Poor Nat.

Chengmin's japanese jelly (I dunno what's the actual name lar) was the perfect ending dish for the potluck dinner.

And yea, I made the pasta sauce without pasta. Issshhh....

Thanks to Jack H, Damien and Buddy for all the snacks and drinks.

Hope Jingharn enjoys her birthday despite the fact that she had to hand in her assignment two days after that. :P

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Heavy curry smell. Good thing I've bathed. 

Yesterday was my first day training in UniCurry House. Yesh... with Sheryl's strong recommendation, the boss decided to give me the opportunity. Without handling resume or attending interview. Hoho...

Well, as usual, introduction came first. Introduction to the people, curries, finger food, procedures, and prices. I doubt my ability to memorise all the confusing prices. And I doubt my arithmetic ability as I've kept myself away from maths since 4 years ago. Aiya, being doubtful doesn't help lar. Just Do It.

And my boss thought that my name is 小猫. Thank you so much Sheryl Ng.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Fine Line

She cried just now.

I don't know how much tears have flown because of this reason.

No doubt, they love her. So much.

But, they hurt her. So much.

Are they being protective or, simply, possesive?

Tears flow within the fine line.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Keep in Mind

Discipline is the refining fire by which talent becomes ability.

 - Roy L. Smith

Thursday, October 4, 2007














Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Teeth Brush

While I was lying on the sofa yesterday night, not fully asleep, my half opened eyes were caught by Sheryl.

Oh no no no... that sounds so wrong... I shall rephrase it again - My eyes were caught by Sheryl's TEETH BRUSHING PROCESS.

She held a cup in her left hand and a toothbrush in her right hand. She started to brush every corner of her teeth. Yes, literally every corner. All the 8 directions have been brushed. For 3 times at least.

Hey, aren't your gum going to bleed?

And she gargled. I thought she was drinking water. She drank from the cup, and spat out the water. What a proper way of gargling. Almost the same as what we see in the advertisement.

She gargled so many times till I couldn't even count. Maybe she wanted to wash away the blood caused by her hard core teeth cleaning method?

To me, I'll just brush once. The 4 basic directions will do. Of course I'll gargle, but with my bare hands and limited times.

Don't you think the way of brushing teeth really shows the personality of a person?

Hah! Dirty me.

Test 1 2 3

This is a testing post for the video uploading function.

Chandra showed this to me. Very fun. Learn it with your friends!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


How many doors do you have?

My friend amazed me with this metaphor today.

We were commenting on other friends... You know girls... Always have a handful of juicy gossips.

Okay, get back to the main point. The DOOR Metaphor started like this, (I'll keep the names anonymous to avoid defamation... hoho)

S: "I think C has three doors. It's easy to get through her first door. She's so likable and sociable. It's easy to get along with her. But it's not easy to get close to her. She's quite protective to herself. So I think there are only a few people has reached her second door. The third door, perhaps, has not been opened yet."

Me: "Hahaha... that's funny. Since when you've got this kind of weird thoughts... What about yourself?"

S: "I have two doors. I think I've opened my second door to quite a lot of people. "

Me: "What about me? How many doors do I have?"

S: "Hmm... Your's.... three doors... no no no... two doors... no no no... your case is kinda special..."

So towards the end of the conversation, I still don't know how many doors do I have and the level of difficulty to open my door. Haha.

~the discovery of a friend is a process of opening doors~

Monday, October 1, 2007

Review Myself

I realise, recently, there is a major defect in me.

Being indifferent in most of the things surrounding me causes harm.

A lot of things, to me, are no big deal. I always have this thought. But I'm, again, equalising others to myself. Those things might be important to others. They might take it very seriously. And if I deal it in a perfuntory and di-li-de-li way, I will hurt them so much.

I shall, perhaps, rethink the way I think.