Friday, December 28, 2007

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Star Live Show

I was being childish young again yesterday. XD

Thousand thanks to lyssa for giving me the 7 zone (which is just right in front of the stage) concert ticket. I've got a great viewing position. Phewww... the artists were just 1 meter away from me~

To avoid the traffic jam, my friend and I left much earlier. It was only 7.10pm when we reached Stadium Bukit Jalil. One and a half hour to go... and the front zones were almost filled... OMG. Some of them waited since 3pm, as if they had nothing better to do besides waiting for their beloved idols. Hmm... Am I satirizing the 3-years-ago-me?

It was a live broadcast show, so it was started on time. The 4 memang-tak-boleh-hosts had failed to set up a jolly atmosphere. They could neither spontaneously initiate laughter nor preparatively present humor. Whenever there's a moment of silence, they said nothing else but to ask the audiences to cheer n scream n cheer n scream n cheer n scream n... cheer n scream till not high anymore =.=

The artists hyped up the scene though ^^

It's show time!!!

I can't remember the whole rundown of the show.

I have taken photos for the memorable ones and left out the crappy not so popular ones.

好心一早放开我~~~ She looks so different in person. Much prettier~

大嘴巴 - a new hip hop band in Taiwan. Remember 爱纱? She's one of the member in Sunday Girls MANY years ago. Now she's the female vocal of this band. I thought she's cute, but she's damn hot!!! She danced seductively and sang sexily.

Guys, I guarantee your nose will bleed~

Oh yea... As her skirt was soooooo short, I heard some of the guys around were exclaiming: 'Wah! Can see or not, can see or not? Neh... the panties ar... Cannot breathe lor!!'


Who's this? Yesh! It's her! It's her!Yeshhhh... She's Penny Tai! The talented composer cum lyricist cum singer cum dancer!

Her performance with 易杰齐 has brought us to another dimension of music. The blend of 好久不见and街角的祝福was..was... was... Argh... Sorry, my vocabs are too limited. 非笔墨能形容.

Yep! The classic Grasshoppers. I saw Anita Mui - the facial expressions and body movements - in them.Oh ya... JNK (a Malaysia gay boy group formed recently in Malaysia), please learn from them lar~ Don't ever dance on stage when your movements are not synchronized AT ALL.

He sang pretty crap lar. His verse was not heard all the time. I think the key was too low for him. Why not switch to a higher key then? Maybe he couldn't hit the high notes? :P

So, why did I bother to take his photos?

Haha... Cos it is specially dedicated for Natasha - your christmas present. kekeke

And I also have to admit that he is pleasant for viewing purpose~ hohoho






And the best ones came last.

I Love You~~~

David Tao!

His music told everything.

This was the best moment.

They duet! OMG~~ they duet!

This was their first public duet.

Hey Jude, don't make it bad. Sing a sad song, and make it better......

It was a veritable feast for our ears.

And finally, my favorite Stef Sun!

She could switch her mood between the piquant 咕叽咕叽and the heart-breaking 我怀念的 so well.

有一束光 那瞬间 是什么痛得刺眼

你的视线 是谅解 为什么舍不得熄灭

我逆着光 却看见

Her voice always perfuses a stream of hope into me.

The fall of color flakes and the voice of hope ended the concert with jocund.

Oh ya, there are a few notable singers which I've not taken their photos. 郭静, a new Taiwanese singer, has some really nice songs. Karen Kong, who is active in the Malay music industry, can sing very well. She has an unique and dolphin ranged voice.

And yea nat... although Jay Chow wasn't there, it was still very gooooooooood! Hng!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Love is in the Air


他们 see-weet see-weet的对象是一样的。

oh no no no... 我的意思是,

他们 see-weet see-weet的对象的名字是一样的。


Wednesday, December 19, 2007


There are 2 kinds of blank cheques (kong tou zhi piao).

Person who cares about you gives you a blank cheque without an amount.

Person who doesn't care about you gives you a blank cheque without a signature.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007
















Monday, December 17, 2007

Happy Graduation


Nat Nat: proceed to ur honours! proceed to the CMG throne!

Jack W: Work lar~ Stop acting young dy... :P

Joz: I will miss u de...*sob sob*

Ken: All the best in Jap!

To those that I've forgot (Pls forgive my dory-like memory) and those that I don't know, wish u guys have a bright and happy life ahead. I know this is so cliche... but tt's exactly what we need! ^^

Saturday, December 15, 2007




你的新生 你的快乐 你的信任


Update 3

Frankly speaking, I reckon this is not an interesting job (as the interesting and important parts wouldn't be delegated to trainees). It is neither a fruitful one. I didn't learn much for my studies or career.

My lovely colleague, Eunice, changed my perception on this job.

Work, to me, is to be done effectively. Effective means finish my task with highest quality in the shortest time length. Hence, 'finish the job assigned well' has been my ultimate goal. Eunice's short lecture has rang the bell. She made me understand that I've mislocated my goal.

Trace back to my initial thought of taking up this internship, I was hoping to learn something through working in the corporate world. This thought, however, has been abandoned throughout the process. I was trying hard to show that I'm capable and effecient instead of learning for my own good.

A very simple and ostensibly useless job can be a rewarding one. For example, I was assigned to download the annual reports of the public listed companies. I could just download everything like a downloading machine. The alternate way is to read the annual reports while downloading them (of cos, not read the entire thing. The numbers are boring :P).

Through the reports, I understand more about the figure - 20% people in the world control 80% of wealth. The same people repeatingly appear in the board of directors of different companies. It means that this minority of people, also known as the 'elites', are making profit from the majority of the large companies. What about those in the middle-class? Too bad, they are only either the consumers or the minority shareholders. Not to mention those in the grassroot who are lack of the capability to join this capital market.

And blah blah blah... too much can be discovered.

Yesh... keep it up. Continue learning!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Update 2

It was a boring job initially. 'Office boy' can best describe all the tasks that I've been given.

Photocopy, binding, slotting files, arranging meeting tables and chairs...

Oh well, these should be expected in whateva kind of internship. I should be glad that I got paid RM600. Although it is just ngam ngam enough for my transportation fees, it sounds much better as compared to RM150 which I had from my last internship.

The good one comes later. On the third day onwards, I am assigned to more relevant tasks such as research and event write up. And of course, I've known more about my colleauges and got closer with them. It is a learning process.

to be continue...  

Saturday, December 8, 2007


Well, someone was complaining that I wasn't updating my blog. And girl, you haven't even shown me your blog.

But, I'm nice and kind. I will update without asking any return.

Bullshit! I want your blog address!

Okay, my personality is spliting now... Oh no no... It always splits...

After few days of slumber good rest, I started to work in KPMG as a vacation trainee.

FYI: KPMG is one of the Big 4, the top four international auditing firms. It is argued that anyone who has worked there will have a glaring future. This statement is only applicable for the full time employees though, not for trainees a.k.a. small potatoes like me.

to be continue...