Wednesday, November 28, 2007



我变了 碰到你什么都对了

爱上你 下雨也快乐

我变了 碰到你什么都好了

爱上你 哭泣也值得



为什么这样呢 为什么这样呢




为什么这样呢 为什么这样呢




Back to Msia

Yesh, I'm back!

I've met my beloved family.

I've eaten Asam Laksa for my first supper in Malaysia.

I've surprised Lyssa and her parents.

I've given my grandma her favorite cherries.

I've talked to friends in Australia that I start to miss sooo much.

I will go for an interview in KPMG tomorrow.

I will meet Keatmei tomorrow dinner time.

I will shop in Isetan on Friday morning.

I will read in Kinokuniya on Friday as well.

I will sing k with jasmine and yaya on saturday.

I still have to meet up with chekchong, mien, dragon, abao, wenjian, thienlee, chs etc etc.

A lot more to go! 

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Token of Appreciation

to all my love ones and all who love me,

Thanks for celebrating my birthday despite the high level stress and very limited time you guys have during the exam period.

Thanks for the bag. The multi-compartments enable me to keep all my stuff TIDYly, including the p**. Oh, it's tam**** according to chand.

Thanks for the laptop cover. Finally my laptop has a proper home. It doesn't have to go through the hoops with me anymore.

Thanks for the pyjamas. I look damn weird in it.

Thanks for the purse. Since I've promised you to use it, I have to say bye bye to my eclipse.

Thanks for the video. Score well in your Italian exam or I'll feel guilty :P.

Thanks for the mango cake. It's meanilicious (meaningful + delicious).

Thanks for the sms-es, blog posts, friendster comments, and msn personal messages. Walau~ my heart warm from inside to outside loooor~

All of these show your big big love! And my 好人缘of cos XD. *perasan-nya*

Finally, I've to thank my dearest mom who had suffered on the day I was born.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Gucci Gucci

I realised whenever I sing on the street with my crazy friends, this song will surely be included.

It's fun. Try it.  


Environment Determinism

Never thought that I'll use this term again. It once appeared on my exam paper.

Well, I don't use this on my exam paper this time. Though, it is still used for the purpose of exam.

Throughout the swot vac, I'm looking for the best environment to study. The best place, the best pal, the best time, and the best whateva that can contribute to the productivity of my studies.

1. Ballieu Library

Pros: a. Open till 3am                                        Cons: a. Internet Distraction

          b. Have a transportation manager                   b. People Distraction       

2. State Library

Pros: a. Near my house                                     Cons: a. Too crowded

          b. Good architecture for study                          b. Can't bring in my belongings

3. Star Bookstore

Pros: a. No Distractions                                     Cons: a. Sometimes bad music

          b. Near my house                                                b. Have to pay

Environment does determine my productivity. At this stage, I think Star Bookstore is the best one. More to be discovered...

=================================== Updates======================================

4. RMIT Library

Pros: a. Isolated                                                  Cons: a. No access to email accounts

5. Unit 2906, The Verve & Unit 305, Unilodge

Pros: a. Well-equiped

          b. Good study companion

          c. Great Service (Food and Beverages)

          d. 24 hrs

          e. Comfy

The Best Study Area Awards goes to.................................... Unit 2906, The Verve and Unit 305, Unilodge!

Awards will be sent to owners of the premises, Miss Chandra and Miss Natasha, after 22nd of Nov.

Friday, November 2, 2007




仍然只能疯狂地在 凌乱的街边 黑暗垃圾堆中


仍然只能奋力地在 外国领事馆外 层层警察重围中




难道 神 你看不见 




因此也不由你理会 的微生物